Gordon Van Vuren

"The harder you work the luckier you get"

Gordon Van Vuren

About Gordon

I’m Gord Van Vuren and you would be well served to choose me as your buyer’s agent or listing agent. Let me explain why I would be a good selection. I will only work with 3 or fewer buyers and will take no more than 4 listings at one time. As a result of this you will receive my undivided attention and prompt responses to any questions or concerns you may have. I am able to provide you with this one on one service because I am semi-retired. I’ve decided to continue working because I enjoy helping people and the relationships that are formed in the selling or buying process. I’ve been in sales my entire career although I’ve only been a real estate agent for 5 years. I was retired for about 6 years and enjoyed travelling and golfing with my wife of 38 years until she passed away in 2007 after a brief bout with breast cancer. I then decided I needed to find a meaningful way to spend the time I had previously shared with her. Real estate had always piqued my interest and since sales had been my forte’ becoming an agent was a nice fit. I was blessed to find a new bride (Holly) but enjoyed my new endeavor so much that I decided to continue working. My motto is this “I will never recommend my buyers proceed with any purchase that I wouldn’t recommend to my daughters”. I especially enjoy working with 1st time buyers and golf course properties.

Client testimonies

  • "Gord helped my wife and I find and purchase our first home. He's very personable, and we knew we trust him right away. He found listings that suited our needs, and helped us narrow down our choices. After our offer was accepted, he helped guide us through the closing process, and helped us push it through quickly. Gord will be my first call when we're ready to move again." Tim Long
  • “Gord was great at his job and also a lot of fun to work with! He was able to sell our house in three weeks in a not great housing market and we got the price that we wanted. He is able to give great advice without being pushy or annoying and respects your decision even if it differs from his. He is a man of high integrity, and is very respectable.” Stacey Wigger
  • “I have worked with Gord over the last 5 years and he is a terrific agent and business partner. His attention to detail and thoughtful demeanor truly set him above his competition. I have always enjoyed working with Gord.” Rusty Darter
  • “Gord kept me up to date throughout the entire process of purchasing our home and is easy to work with. I would recommend him if you're looking for a top notch guy who will get it done fast.” Ben DeMotts